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Certifications for BPO Professionals

Becoming certified is the best way to stake a claim for a great job or a prized raise. And in BPO, there’s no qualification more powerful than a BCI credential as they are the world’s first and the most preferred pan-domain qualification benchmarks internationally for different BPO roles and positions. Across 50+ countries, BCI certified professionals enjoy the “preferred talent” status among employers because of their knowledge and professional competence tested on BCI’s rigorous standards and assessment systems. Wherever, proven competence is a must, BCI qualifications are becoming a rule.

BCI’s six sharply defined BPO certification clusters – with 18 programs - are tailored for Business Leaders, Functional Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders, Master Trainers, Senior Associates, and Fresh Talents. World’s leading training companies have been appointed by BCI as authorized Certification Training Providers in more than 50 countries and these companies offer well-structured certification training through their centers across almost 500 locations worldwide. BCI certifications are founded on the world’s first, most comprehensive, and the only dedicated-to-BPO Human Competence Master Standards (HCMS Release 3.1). These credentials have been approved by the Professional Standards Validation Council and operated by the BPO Professional Certification Council (BPCC) through its various charters.

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