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Service Delivery Quality Certification for BPO Enterprises

The BCI service delivery certification BSDQ™ is awarded to enterprises showing compliance to the BCI SDMS - Service Delivery Master Standards Release 1.6, which promulgates Service Delivery excellence along 22 different “spheres” of service delivery quality. The audits and other baseline data-collection and evaluation exercises are conducted, managed and controlled by the worldwide Shared Services network of the CredForce worldwide network, of which BCI is a member-organization.

During audit exercises of clients’ service delivery systems, BSDQ™ auditors deploy the PRIDEScan methodology to understand how the “service quality drivers” within a “sphere” are manifested in the organization’s service delivery practices and what has been done by the organization to ensure that these “service quality drivers” keep changing in their complexion to remain relevant to the demands of the client-organization’s markets and customers. The PRIDEScan audits also seek to measure how well these “service quality drivers” remain matched to the impacts on value to clients and how effectively have these excellence drivers been diffused vertically and horizontally across the organization. In the last leg, the PRIDEScan audits study the client-organization’s efforts, initiatives, systems and processes to understand what has been “deliberately and consciously” done to ensure that these “service quality drivers” within a sphere keeps continuously “evolving” in tandem with the changes in technology and service quality expectations of end-customers.

The BSDQ™ series – or the BSDQ™ family – includes three variants – BSDQ-09™, BSDQ-14™ and BSDQ-22™ – applicable for BPO enterprises across service specialization and of all sizes and types.

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