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BPO Skills Development & Talent Breeding
Solutions for Nations

BCI extends comprehensive assistance to nations in skills development & capacity building for business process outsourcing. Right from developing the framework and ecosystem for BPO talent breeding; to customization of curricula and content and trainer development; to the establishment of the training delivery and assessment and certification backbones, BCI and its partners provide the best possible solutions available anywhere on the planet.

In fact, beginning October 2013, BCI formally becomes a member of the CredForce worldwide network and all ground-support, research assistance; footprint & partner management; credentialing process handling and assessments coordination activities of BCI for its worldwide audiences and markets will be managed by the globally distributed expert shared services network of the CredForce worldwide network.

Over the last several years, BCI has emerged as a preferred BPO workforce development and talent-breeding partner for governments in several countries because we deliver the unrivalled STACC advantage to governments – Skills Standards -Training Solutions – Assessments – Content – Certifications – all tested, proven, prevalent and respected across 50+ countries provided through a single window!

Nations working with BCI do not have to invest time and money in the reinvention of the wheel: BCI and its shared services groups in TCG provide the most advanced; globally tried and tested, and the most comprehensive standards; internationally respected certifications and training programs; ready-to-use curricula and content; and the most rigorous online assessment and examination mechanism, which can be adopted and commissioned for use in a matter of weeks. In fact, in just about one business quarter, BCI has the capabilities to commission the BPO training and Talent Breeding system for a nation for full use.

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