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Careers with BCI

If you can be a torchbearer of Change,
you're Most Welcome.

If, thinking, exploration, management, leadership, analytics and value-creation are your keywords; if you like to do things on your own; and if contribution turns you on and you are a confirmed performance-freak; maybe there's something exciting awaiting you at BCI – and more interestingly at CredForce worldwide network – of which BCI is now a proud member.

In fact, for our people, being with BCI has always meant being among the best in their functions. Now, after becoming a part of CredForce worldwide network, we believe the opportunities have multiplied even more. You can work in a host of functions and roles in the shared services functions of CredForce worldwide network; you can be with one of BCI’s numerous international partners; and of course; if you are exceptionally knowledge driven, you can work in standards and credentialing research arms of BCI itself.

BCI, its partners and CredForce are an extended family offering 100% white-collar workplaces designed for culturally diverse knowledge-workforce that hates designation-straitjackets and is phenomenally entrepreneurial. With us, thinking and doing are inseparable, and hence you don't have Babel Towers, from where managers shout out. A typical member of our family is a self-motivated, versatile, free-thinking and excellence-driven individual, capable of viewing her roles and responsibilities from multiple perspectives. Though, all positions in the CredForce worldwide network and in its member organizations are defined by the roles people perform; almost all roles have an optimal combination of individual- and team- contributions on the one hand, and of the external- to internal customer accountability on the other.

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