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Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS)

Achieving Service Delivery Excellence made easy for BPO's.
...through the world's most comprehensive Service Delivery Standards.

The Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS Release 1.6 under current circulation) has given BPO companies a sharp set of tools to resize and polish their operations and improve business across the board and helps BPOs optimize processes and practices along well-proven lines more conveniently. Organizations that complete their compliance to the SDMS attain the coveted BSDQ™ certification. Additionally, the latest release also includes specific standards for BPO outfits engaged/ embedded in the Impact Sourcing movement/network worldwide.

The SDMS – Release 1.6, is rapidly catching on as a preferred standard since 2010 and BCI has received more than three dozen requests for proposals (RFPs) from BPOs across the world, including those from India, China, Egypt and Philippines for implementation of SDMS and getting BSDQ™ Certified.

Outsourcing managers worldwide are increasingly looking for vendors and BPO service providers that display the capabilities of handling large volumes of business-critical processes in ever narrowing industry verticals at lowering marginal costs. This marks a giant twist to the whole game of outsourcing. For a BPO Vendor, this means a paradigm shift in no uncertain terms, if it wants to retain current clients and add new ones. Hence, the need is to prove capabilities to deliver across verticals all the while retaining the same levels of functional delivery standards on ever lowering costs. The SDMS helps BPOs accomplish exactly that. It spells standards for BPOs across all service-critical attributes and makes it easier for them to optimize processes and practices along well-proven lines.

Though very young, the SDMS has gone under the scalpel six times in as many years already and emerged a fitter, leaner body of service delivery standards – SDMS – Release 1.6.

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