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Talent Management Master Standards (TMMS)

Planets First Standards
on Talent Management for BPO Enterprises.
...and the last word on HR Management Excellence.

The Talent Management Master Standards (TMMS Release 2.0 in current circulation) has filled the long-standing gap of BPO’s own, dedicated set of standards. The latest version also addresses the requirements of BPO companies that are a part of the Impact Sourcing movement worldwide initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation. The TMMS addresses 10 critical strategic, process, and environment dimensions and prescribes standards across more than 150 parameters that impact metrics of Talent Management effectiveness in a typical BPO organization. Today, the BCI TMMS is being implemented in leading BPO entities across the world.

TMMS (TMMS Release 2.0 in current circulation) is the world’s first and the only dedicated-for-BPO set of standards defining systems, processes and practices for optimally managing human resources, talents and employees in a typical BPO service-provider organization. According to a 2007 BCI -IRSG report on talent management practices, the global BPO industry lost more than $5.0 billion USD because of causes linked to employees – attrition, underperformance, information thefts and ill-designed compensation programs. The report reinforced longstanding industry-view that extreme talent-dependence of the BPO service-provider industry makes it intrinsically unique and different from others and hence, adaptations, imports and customizations of management systems and practices from other industries perhaps delivers only incremental and short-term results. Easily, the TMMS filled the long-standing gap of BPO’s own, dedicated set of standards.

In fact, in 2008, the year in which the BPO Enterprise Certification Council (BECC) approved the TMMS (Talent Management Master Standards) - and the attendant BTMQ™ series of certification – for the first time, the employee-attrition problem exploded out of India and attacked the BPO industries of other Asian countries. Needless to say, this challenge egged BCI to further strengthen the TMMS standards and include parameters related to micro-work environment as well, in the standards.

The Release 2.0 signifies verily the first global effort to configure even more solidly, the Talent Management practices in BPO entities around the unique talent- socio-cultural and psychographic profiles of BPO employees. In most ways, the Release 2.0 is a forceful BCI argument for hinging organization practices in BPOs around more “human”, “glocal” realities rather than on the more universalist, - what in BCI, is often termed as the “Hu-machine” format – a theory that erroneously believes that a human can be converted into a sustainably “precision delivery”, “zero defect” output “machine” using processes alone.

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