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Uniquely BPO Focused

However, today, with SDMS Standards and BSDQ™ Series around, the global BPO Industry can boast of its very own sets of the specially tailored Service Delivery Quality system and Certifications. A BPO organization can implement the SDMS Release 1.6 Service Quality standards, get audited for compliance, and achieve BSDQ-22™, BSDQ-14™ or BSDQ-09™ Certification – which is not only a proof that the company follows stringent global standards, but also an assurance to their clients about smart and conscientious Cost & Service Quality Management.

The BCI SDMS framework is based on a certain number of service excellence spheres matched to the scale and type of operations of a service delivery unit. Each sphere has a set of excellence drivers and during the BSDQ™ certification process, these drivers are installed and calibrated to comply with the stipulated SDMS standards of architecture and performance.

The most remarkable aspect of the SDMS is its focus on ensuring that excellence embeds into the DNA of the organization. This is done through the PRIDE approach which promulgates how, all what an organization does to attain systems excellence has to manifest in its practices; remain relevant to the demands of the market, customers, employees and other stakeholders, and how they are matched to the impacts on value delivered to stakeholders; diffuse vertically and horizontally across the organization, and continue to evolve in tune with the changes in business environment, markets, technology and service quality expectations of end-customers.

The versatile architecture of the BSDQ™ Series enables it to cover Contact Centers (Captive, Third Party, Outbound, Inbound); Knowledge Process Services units; HR Process Service units; Research Process Service units; Help Desks and Technical Support Service units; Transaction Process Service units; Financial Process Service units and Medical Transcription Service units. Increasingly, non-BPO organizations in some geographies have also begun showing interest in implementing SDMS.

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