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BSDQ-09-IS™ is a specialized service delivery credentialing program for smaller, more specialized BPOs who area a part of the unique Impact Sourcing movement worldwide. These BPO companies employ trained workforce from the economically or socially underprivileged segments of the society and they deliver small volume services to a limited number of clients in a particular geography. According to the latest BCI study, at least till late 2012, nearly 200 BPO units were a part of the growing Impact Sourcing Network having capacities between 25 to 100 agents.

A wide variety of backoffice, data-based and customer-interaction related business processes are being handled by Impact Sourcing outfits and their numbers are only going to increase with the rise of BPO entrepreneurship across Asia, South America, and Africa. Needless to say, this category of BPOs needs to implement worldclass service delivery standards most, to embolden larger companies to outsource to such units. They handle critical business and often, extremely sensitive processes and activities for their clients and therefore, there’s little scope for quality errors or inconsistencies.

BSDQ-09-IS™ is cut-out for such organizations as the underlying SDMS Standards can be implemented faster, with fewer redundancies and disruptions to operations. In effect, nine strategically identified Service Delivery Quality drivers (SDQ drivers) are installed and activated during the implementation of BSDQ-09-IS™.

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