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The Ultimate Recognization of
your Service Delivery Capacity and Excellence.
BSDQ-22™ is by far, the most complex and advanced Service Delivery Quality Standard for a BPO Organization available anywhere in the world. Based on the BCI Service Delivery Master Standards credentialed by the BPO Enterprise Certification Council (BECC), BSDQ-22™ is awarded to organizations that have successfully implemented all 22 of the Service Delivery Quality drivers (SDQ drivers) enunciated in SDMS Release 1.6, and are proven compliant during the BSDQ™ Final Audit. As such, BSDQ-22™ offers a number of business and efficiency benefits to certified organizations. Some important ones are:

  1. Getting Globally Benchmarked

    Assurance that the organization is functioning on global standards because BSDQ-22™ certification is awarded after stringent audits on SDMS Release 1.6 compliance.
  2. Inspires Current Clients

    Assures current clients about the BPO's tested capabilities of handling large business volumes and inspires them to increase business volumes. A BSDQ-22™ Certified BPO therefore, can expect to retain current clients better and demand a price premium as well as bigger business volumes from its current clients.
  3. Attracts New Clients

    A BSDQ-22™ Certification assures prospective clients that the BSDQ-22™-compliant organization is working on global standards. This helps in market development, penetration and new-business generation.
  4. Improves Organizational Efficiencies

    BSDQ-22™ Certified BPOs show higher probability of functioning at optimal efficiencies because of well-toned processes and systems that prevent wastages, under-performance, and SLA-breach penalties.
  5. Employees feel motivated to work in a globally benchmarked organization

    BCI research amply proves that employee productivity and performances improve remarkably if workflows and systems are calibrated to global standards as this leads to increased accountability and more streamlined guidance. BSDQ-22™ helps achieve all of that and much more.

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