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BSDQ™ Certification Process

All BSD pre-certification activities in a country or a geographical zone are handled by BCI's Service Standards Audit Group (SSAG) or Authorized BSDQ™ Implementation and Audit Partner (BIAP) in that area. The basic steps are:

Step ONE: Organization-wide baseline study - BSDQ™ Status Audit (BSA) to compile the current state of practices, systems, and processes etc. in accordance to SDMS Guidelines.

Step TWO: Gap analysis by BAP and Gap Report submission to the SO for improvement action and implementation (including the BSDQ™ Gap Modulus – the measure of deviation from SDMS).

Step THREE: Systems restructuring etc. to bring them in line with SDMS requirements.

Step FOUR: BSDQ™ Final Audit for Compliance Check and Certification Decision.

To know more on how your organization can implement BSDQ™, write to:

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