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Sustainable People Performance & Productivity

Sustainable People Performance & Productivity

Crests and troughs in workforce productivity make clients jittery and organizations nervous. For BPO organizations, avoiding this erraticism amidst employee attrition poses even more severe challenges. Aligning management systems and processes to the BCI TMMS and SDMS standards helps stabilize the organization with sustainably higher levels of people-performance and outputs.

The TMMS compliance journey actually serves to chip away at all the elements of the organizational ecosystem which interface with the workforce. This has the result of making the policies and systems in the organization more transparent and unbiased; communication and instructions within it clearer and more empathetic; the environment more motivating and caring; training more transformational and career prospects sharper. The caring and performance-based environment in a BTMQ™ certified organization catalyzes employee performance in no uncertain terms. Better motivated; better prepared; better informed and clearer-headed employees show significantly improved levels of service productivity and quality. In fact, the very process of attaining the BTMQ™ certification primes up an organization’s systems such that employees are able to perform their tasks more efficiently, comfortably and effectively, despite the strenuous demands of long hours of monotonous, process-based work; long attention spans and high client-accountability. The TMMS clearly stipulates that all department heads are responsible for managing the motivational and transformational needs of their teams and a sustained compliance to these requirements helps a BTMQ™ certified organization embed productivity-enhancing policies, practices and processes across the board – all facilities, all horizontals - from smallest units to those having large teams.

HR is a key attention area during the SDMS compliance process in BPO organization. Apart from the fact that invigorated and more streamlines business processes increase employees’ potential for performance and help increase productivity all-round, the BSDQ™ certification process revolutionizes the very way employees are managed. The BCI SDMS orchestrates comprehensive changes in how human resource is hired, inducted, engaged, motivated, compensated and driven for higher performance. Its major contribution, however, is in the manner in which the responsibility of talent management and employee handling is “pulled out” from the HR department and entrusted to every department-head. The PRIDE approach to SDMS conformance in BPO organizations enriches business processes with relevance and impact-consciousness and employees therefore extract more from the system. BSDQ™ certified organizations are distinctly agile, and so is their workforce. Employees can anticipate and welcome change fast, and adapt their service delivery speed, style and quality to the demands of the changed environment. In fact, a significant bit of the productivity advantages delivered by SDMS to a BPO organization are done through expanding the workforce-capacity for higher productivity. BSDQ™ -certified organizations observing sustained conformance to SDMS eventually develop a more energetic work environment where productivity and quality remain at constantly high levels despite Change.

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