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BTMQ Family

The versatile architecture of the BTMQ‌‌™ Series enables it to cover Contact Centers (Captive, Third Party, Outbound, Inbound); Knowledge Process Services units; HR Process Service units; Research Process Service units; Help Desks and Technical Support Service units; Transaction Process Service units; Financial Process Service units and Medical Transcription Service units etc.

The BTMQ™ family/series has two variants:
BTMQ-07™ : ideal for smaller-sized BPO outfits specializing in a couple of high-value service horizontals for limited number of clients;
BTMQ-10™ : designed for mid-sized and large organizations with complex service-market configurations and those that are operating on a larger, multi-facility scale.

The BTMQ™ series of BCI certifications for BPO enterprises - the BTMQ-07™ and BTMQ-10™ are based on BCI’s Talent Management Master Standards (Currently TMMS Release 2.0 in circulation) - the very first and the most comprehensive sets of processes and practices specifically designed and validated for managing different aspects of Human Resources in a BPO company. The BTMQ™ series is the world’s only genre of credentials for BPO enterprises that deliver value to their clients by ensuring excellence in the management of human talent in their BPO delivery system.

BCI’s revolutionary PRIDE™ approach adopted by organizations during their march to a BTMQ™ certification helps ingrain the talent management excellence consciousness across their rank and file. The TMMS Release 2.0, addresses 10 critical strategic, process, and environment dimensions and prescribes standards across more than 150 parameters that impact metrics, practice and products of Talent Management effectiveness in a typical BPO organization.

Both the credentials are a stamp of excellence for BPO enterprises and in addition to improving work environment and HR management effectiveness and efficiencies across the board, they serve to increase the confidence of current clients, improve the employer brand of the organization and become more attractive for prospective clients.

  • BTMQ-07™
    BTMQ-07‌™ is the world’s only talent management excellence credential for mid-sized, special-purpose BPOs that offer value-added and customized services to a select group of clients.

  • BTMQ-07™
    BTMQ-10‌‌™ is the first and the most comprehensive international credential on Talent Management excellence for BPO enterprises. It is fundamentally an accreditation of a BPO’s existent and functioning systems, processes, practices, and organization-wide frameworks for managing their talent systems and work climates.
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