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Enterprise Impacts

Work Environment & Culture

Work environment & Culture

For organizations today, competing better and growing amidst unpredictable market conditions can come only through an “excellence” habit set deep in their culture and work environment. The SDMS and TMMS systems of BCI help BPO enterprises embed excellence and quality in their DNA. Start your quest for excellence today. Apply for BSDQ™ and BTMQ™ credentials.

Work culture and environment are two of the most critical drivers of productivity and employee-performance across all organizations. But for the BPO industry, the environment and culture of work often become the all-important drivers because of the type and size of workforce and the nature of work. The process of attaining the BTMQ™/ BSDQ™ prepares and primes up an organization’s systems for more efficient, comfortable and effective delivery of services that demand long hours of monotonous, process-based work demanding long attention spans and high client-accountability. The TMMS/ SDMS focus on making all department heads in a certified organization responsible for managing talents helps improve the micro-environments and culture of each department. Special measures and policies for workforce engagement are defined under the rhese standards, supported by an empathetic framework of performance management. Steps like these lead not only to the improvement of overall environment and culture, but also ensure that the organizational ecosystem remains employee-caring and conducive to high-performance team-work in the long term.

The process of BSDQ™/ BTMQ™ certification in a BPO enterprise involves a rigorous exercise of making its service delivery systems and processes compliant to SDMS and TMMS. This exercise, however, in reality, “forces” the management to look at structures beyond its operations and service-delivery departments and serves to overhaul the entire organizational system. It’s almost like “cleaning” up the organization, weeding off redundancies and “liability processes” and making the work-culture more “excellence conscious” and customer-focused. But perhaps the biggest spinoffs of the BSDQ™/ BTMQ™ certification exercise are experienced in aspects that directly drive productivity – shortening of decision circuits; acceleration of instructional communication; snappier innovation cycles; and more pre-emptive and anticipatory monitoring of productivity performance. Sustained SDMS/ TMMS compliance built though the PRIDE approach leads to having a system with well-synced processes with excellence paradigms seeped right down to their DNAs. The workforce, managers and technology – all work together better in BSDQ™/ BTMQ™ certified organizations making business processes deliver more.

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