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BCI Government Partnering Program

Making your Nations's BPO & ICT Industry Globally Competitive
means implementing the world class. NOW!
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ICT Centers of Excellence; Ministries of IT & ICT and ICT & BPO Academies of governments across the world are increasingly becoming BCI partners to establish large-scale BPO/IT workforce development systems within. The fact that BCI today operates in 50+ countries and its certifications, advisory and other services for stakeholders of the ICT & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry are delivered in almost 500 locations cutting across continents has been a key motivator for governments to partner BCI. Government departments, industry bodies and multilateral aid organizations form the chunk of the BCI stakeholders-body. The BCI Government Advisory Services Group has been at the forefront of several pathbreaking changes in more than a dozen countries in Africa and elsewhere.

  • BCI Government Partnering Program Objectives

    The new BCI Government Partnering program has been designed with an objective to make the nation's BPO & ICT industry globally competitive.
  • Who can be a Part of BCI Government Partnering Program

    The BCI Government Partnering program welcomes virtually all types of government departments and institutions – those who are directly or indirectly with the mandate to develop ICT and BPO in the country.
  • BCI Partnering Possibilities for Governments

    The 2012-2013 Government Partnering program of BCI spells out the 5 partnering possibilities
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