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BCI Advocacy Program

BCI research and business teams invest sizeable time in studying global trends on the dynamics of practices and problems in the BPO Industry and develop concepts, principles, and ideas that may help the industry battle these problems successfully. BCI Advocacy Partners are expected to help diffuse these concepts and those underlying the BCI standards and certifications across the world among key stakeholder segments. BCI’s ongoing advocacy initiatives touch governments, BPO Industry associations and indeed, client companies who outsource their work to BPO outfits.

Opportunities for BCI Advocacy Partners

The responsibilities linked to the onerous function of advocacy of standards, programs and certifications of BCI require BCI advocacy partners to interact and network with a wide variety of industry, government and non-government stakeholders. This has the potential of rapidly expanding a BCI Partner’s network of relationships and giving it a rapid national and global visibility. The “game-changing“ and “ground-breaking“ character of BCI offerings provides BCI partners – including those doing advocacy – a tremendous headstart advantage. Since, BCI Certifications and standards have been making significant impact worldwide for national and local governments, service providers, BPO service provider companies, and other industry-support organizations, and BCI services and products are visible in the international outsourcing space, BCI Partners experience and register better results faster in their advocacy initiatives and efforts.

The 2012 Global BCI Partner Program offers attractive set of opportunities for organizations and freelance professionals having expertise, experience, and interest in concept advocacy to become BCI Advocacy Partners. Organizations and professional groups having expertise in promoting and advocating causes of social, industrial and economic importance and experience of representing companies and organization’s interests in these areas are strongly encouraged to apply. BCI has a set of attractive financial considerations and incentives for all Advocacy Partners and their efforts and contributions to the industry and to BCI’s own performance as a standards body are duly rewarded. 

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