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BCI Assessment Partner Program

Our certification programs for professionals and BPO workforce are distributed across 50+ countries and there is a growing need to expand and deepen the network of authorized Examination and Assessment centers for BCI. In 2010, BCI embarked on the strategy to appoint exclusive partners across the world that would not only be responsible for conducting and managing BCI’s online examinations and assessments, but also the sales point for BCI Certification Vouchers.

The BAPPs conduct the BCI online certification examinations in their dedicated assessment centers called authorized BCI Assessment Centers (BACs) established on BCI specifications. BCI has a fixed calendar of examination events and individuals registered for BCI certifications take their examinations in these BACs on schedules picked from the BCI calendar. The examinees can either be referred to the BAC directly, or a local BCI associate or a partner may register its trainees with this BAC for BCI examinations. BCI or a BCI partner compensates the BAC/BAPP for these services offered and the commercials are usually examinee-based but in some exceptional cases, BCI may even consider a subscription based model. Additionally a BAPP/BAC is also mandated to operate as a retail touchpoint for BCI Certification Vouchers and sell/trade in BCI Certification Vouchers on a commission arrangement.

The BCI Assessment Partner Program has been independently handled by BCI Global, a specialist associate of BCI for the past many years. However, beginning October 2013, when BCI formally became a member of the CredForce Group, all activities related to partner appointment, interface, assessments, service, audits, etc., are managed by the globally distributed expert shared services network of the CredForce Group. While the Partner Management Group at CredForce now manages the appointments of Partners, the Technology Services Group manages the process of establishment of a BAC center.

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