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Why Become a BCI Training Partner

Being a BCI Training partner means dealing with the world’s best BPO certifications of BCI and the path-breaking vendor-neutral IT certifications of SQBA. BPO/IT/ICT training is a burgeoning industry worldwide, and BCI’s global leadership in business process outsourcing lends several automatic and unrivalled business advantages to its Training Partners:

  1. The WORLDCLASS Advantage

    A BCI Training Partner gets automatic, immediate access to the world’s best training programs, curricula, training content, books, instructors’ material, business processes and marketing assistance. This “worldclass” translates into starting big, right and with the tried and tested.
  2. The LEADERSHIP Advantage

    BCI’s LEADERSHIP status in international outsourcing standards and certifications and the trend-busting SQBA innovation on vendor-neutral IT certifications together lends an immediate LEADERSHIP advantage to all BCI Partners. This advantage also means getting automatic, immediate access to the state-of-the-art in training and instruction knowledge and also the latest in training business management. This “LEADERSHIP” translates into starting big, right and as a leader.
  3. The BRAND Advantage

    BCI is the world’s number 1 BRAND in BPO qualifications, certifications and capacity development. This BRAND advantage naturally flows into the businesses of BCI Training Partners as well and gives them immediate Visibility and high recall in their territory; reducing costs of brand building significantly and generating a quick “pull” in the market. This “BRAND” advantage – again - translates into starting out as a leader and as an established brand.
  4. The MINDSHARE Advantage

    BCI‘s international leadership status and number one brand status gives it the largest mind-share among BPO policy makers, governments, BPO companies and professionals globally. BCI’s BPO certifications and the attendant curricula, content and knowledge are the world’s most used, renowned and the ONLY ones available for international BPO training and qualification and this advantage flows into the businesses of BCI Training Providers. For a BCI Training Partner, this “MINDSHARE” advantage translates into starting out from a position of strength and with much lesser marketing efforts required for generating the first sales. So with BCI, a Training Partner is never a start-up – because it has the headstart advantage.
  5. The PROFITABILITY Advantage

    In fact, most developing countries today are “sellers’ markets” for BCI Training Partners. All BCI offerings are unique, unmatched and without any noticeable competition. This easily means that BCI Training partners have the immense pricing freedom in most markets as their offerings are positioned as premium right from the beginning. In addition, BCI’s unrivalled support and assistance brings down marketing and operational costs, as well as costs of “waiting” and gestation for partners. This combination of pricing-freedom and costs-reduction jacks up the profitability of BCI Training Partners across the world.
  6. The GROWTH Advantage

    BPO training is a high growth industry and being with BCI gives Training Partners the quickest access to a large market-share in a growing market. This GROWTH advantage means a long term business prospect for a BCI Training partner.
  7. The CONTENT & KNOWLEDGE Advantage

    BCI is the only organization in the world that has globally accepted, tested, practiced and circulated standards and knowledge related to business process outsourcing. This includes books, training material and other learning aids. In fact all BCI Training Partners now get exclusive access to books and material published by Wiley – under the Wiley BCI Learning Series – the world’s only, first and the richest repository of BPO training and learning knowledge and content. This “CONTENT” advantage means that a BCI Training Partner starts worldclass on training content and does not invest time and capital on development of its own training material.
  8. The CERTIFICATIONS Advantage

    BPO Training companies worldwide suffer from one critical disadvantage – not having any credible certification backing their trainings. A BCI Training Partner stands at a distinct advantage here, as they are dealing with the world’s most renowned set of certifications in BPO and Information Technology. Only they have the sole and exclusive rights to deal in BCI certifications. This means that BCI Training Partners get the rights to establish the BCI Assessment Centers (BAC) and host the renowned BCI Certifications online assessment system – the CREDENT‌®. This also means that in their respective markets, BCI Training partners are the only organizations where professionals, companies, governments can obtain solutions related to BCI and SQBA certifications.
  9. The OPERATIONS Advantage

    All BCI Training Partners enjoy worldclass and comprehensive BCI Partner assistance and support services founded on a robust Partner Assistance system. These services help a partner prepare fast for launching their businesses and also operate right. The famed BCI Partner Assistance Program includes active business incubation support; business & marketing strategy support, complete communication design support and manpower preparation.

    Becoming a BCI Training Partner now has become a single-channel, 15-day affair, with exceedingly fast and prompt processing of applications and validations etc. More importantly perhaps, becoming a BCI Training Partner does NOT mean sinking or locking thousands of dollars in license fee etc., as it happens in other franchising or partner models where principals charge huge sums. BCI does not CHARGE any license fee now. Instead, BCI requires partner organizations to buy in advance specific numbers of BCI Certification Vouchers and charges nominal amounts as the application processing fee and the annual services fee.
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