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BPO Associates/Entry Level Certifications

Available across 50+ countries, the BCI certifications for entry-level professionals are the world’s most powerful international qualifications for career starters not only in the BPO space, but also in other industries like hospitality, travel, banking, telecom and retailing.

These certifications cover the most important and popular career areas like Customer Interaction, Backoffice Services, Accounting Services and Technical Support and expand employability options for graduating students, school leavers and even individuals who desire to move into the BPO or BPO-like industries.

Successful completion of these programs leads to the award of the CCIP™, CBSA™, CFPA™, or the CTSA™ credentials and a permission to use them as designations. CCIP™, CBSA™, CFPA™, or the CTSA™ certified professionals have proven knowledge and competence to function in multiple roles and job-contexts and environments in their respective domains.

  • Certified Customer Interaction Professional (CCIP™)

    Certified Customer Interaction Professional (CCIP™)

    CCIP‌‌™ program is designed for fresh, young talents desirous of starting a career as customer service associates in BPO organizations and contact centers or in-house customer care operations of other non-BPO organizations.
  • Certified Backoffice Services Associate (CBSA™)

    Certified Backoffice Services Associate (CBSA™)

    CBSA‌‌™ program is designed for fresh, young talents desirous of starting a career as backoffice service associates in data processing, backoffice services or transaction processing.
  • Certified Financial Process Associate (CFPA™)

    Certified Financial Process Associate (CFPA™)

    CFPA‌‌™ program is designed for fresh, young talents with background in Business, Finance, Commerce or Accounting desirous of starting a career as financial process associates in the F&A domain or accounting.
  • Certified Technical Support Associate (CTSA™)

    Certified Technical Support Associate (CTSA™)

    CTSA™ program is designed for fresh, young technology talents desirous of starting a career as technical support associates in Technical support or customer helpdesk.

Global choices for the BCI entery-level BPO certifications in %

Global choices for the BCI entery-level BPO certifications in %

Who Should Opt for BCI Associates/ Entry-Level certifications?

The CCIP™/CBSA™/CFPA™/CTSA™ have emerged as must-have qualifications globally for individuals who intend to start their professional careers in Customer Service, Telesales, Data Processing, Accounting, IT support and related areas. The following have been benefitting the most over the last several years from BCI entry-level BPO qualifications:

  • Senior School/High school pass-outs with a flair for communication, computers and technology.
  • Undergraduate degree holders (bachelors’ level).
  • Graduating students in universities and colleges.
  • Professionals working in Customer Service, Telesales, Data Processing, Accounting, IT support for small companies and who now want to upgrade to bigger employers.
  • Professionals already working in Customer Service, Telesales, Data Processing, Accounting or IT support functions of small companies or banks or government offices and who now want international qualifications in their professional area.

Certification Benefits

  1. Global Recognition

    The BCI CCIP™/CBSA™/CFPA™/CTSA™ credentials have emerged as the most preferred international qualifications for entry-level jobs in BPO companies, client customer supports, helpdesk companies and IT departments of manufacturing companies, IT companies, banks, hotels, hospitals and telecom.
  2. Career Advantage

    Being a CCIP™/CBSA™/CFPA™/CTSA™ qualified professional means being an elite BCI alumnus – and a part of the illustrious BCI worldwide Talent pool. BCI qualified professionals, therefore start out as global professionals and enjoy headstart advantages in their careers because of their vastly superior preparation for their jobs and careers.

    CCIP™/CBSA™/CFPA™/CTSA™ certified individuals manage to hit the ground running in their jobs thanks to the most structured and rigorous training & education they attain before their certification examination. This preparation not only helps develop their skills and competence, but also affords to these young professionals an invaluable exposure to corporate work environment and culture. This helps them get their first great job faster; and also their first raise and promotion!
  3. Employer Benefits

    CCIP™/CBSA™/CFPA™/CTSA™ qualified professionals prove precious assets for their employers not only because they tend to raise the bar for performance, productivity and service quality, but also because, they impact the work-culture and environment positively.

    Most typically, CCIP™/CBSA™/CFPA™/CTSA™ qualified individuals deploy immediately as they are already prepared and just need to be immersed in the client programs. They don’t gestate for long and begin turning in the expected work-performance much quicker than other new recruits – again, because they are ready with the skills; with the principles of work and of course, they know their roles and KRAs, very well.
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