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CTSA Certification Validity

Your CTSA™ certification is valid exactly for three years from the date of award. All CTSA™ certified individuals are strongly recommended to upgrade to the next level (CTSS™) after the completion of one year. Because of the continuously changing and evolving BPO industry, the knowledge and skill requirements at the level of a Customer Interaction professional also change, and since the BCI professional standards evolve in tandem, a timely upgrade to CTSS™ helps maintain the high standards of your professional credentials.

Please note that you will be required to compulsorily upgrade to the next level (CTSS™) after the expiry of the initial validity of the CTSA™ certification (Please check your CTSA™ Credential documents for information on the period of validity of your certification).

arrow_block1 Upgrade to become a CTSS™

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