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BCI is the partner in arms of all governments seeking to elevate their BPO industries to the next quantum level of global competitiveness. The Government Advisory Services Group (GASG) was created in BCI to work along with governments and government-sponsored bodies involved in promoting BPO industry in their nations and help them develop robust human competence architectures and talent management superstructures, which are a backbone for any industry.

    The key GASG services are:
  1. Human Competence Frameworks/ architecture and Standards development and implementation.
  2. Development of National Framework for Certification and Credentialing of BPO talents and workforce.
  3. Service Delivery Systems & Standards development & implementation.
  4. Capacity building and credentialing of BPO professionals and in the propagation of consciousness for talent quality and excellence.

The past decade has seen more flux and tumult in the global economy than all others decades before Industrial revolution put together. Several forces have transmogrified traditional industrial economics into a labyrinth of complex, competitive – at times even brutal - marketism and several more have been created as a resultant. Needless to say, one of the most game-changing of these forces is outsourcing. If, developed economies and the first & the second worlds have sought to lower production costs and retain their market hegemonies by outsourcing almost everything they can, the third and the fourth worlds have emerged as powerful cannot-do-withoutcomplements, doing nearly everything for them – right from handling angry customers, to designing cars, to managing supplies and orders and warehouses and payrolls… even complex clinical research.

The hundreds of billions of dollars worth global BPO industry concentrated in the Bangalores and the Makatis of this planet’s backwaters today stands as testimony to the collective will of the people and governments of the developing countries to grow their economic might through BPO.

BCI stands committed to support nations and governments in their quest for competitive excellence.

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